Ferris Wheels and Merry-go-Rounds

Stash on York hosted a Wisdom Arts Lab show this weekend and there was quite a ballyhoo of the hullabaloo!  Lead by the talented Guadalupe Montalvo, the children created a carnival of wooden Ferris Wheels and Merry-go-Rounds which made the store a freak show of carny conviviality:

ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds

ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds

ticket booths and clown cars


magic castles

As a side show, the Stash on Kids rack was out for a unique opportunity to peep and pick-out something amazing for the kiddles:


Vintage 1950s children’s wool coat


vintage jumpers are the situation right now


Neiman Marcus cowkids shirt. AMAZING.


Size 4 1980s leather jacket. Really.

Holiday crafts were hatched by little hands, the hot chocolate flowed endlessly, the ginger bread cookies all had gumball buttons, calliope music wafted, ensembles were outfitted, and holiday gifts were procured.


Gordon, wooden bow ties, and small jackets.


Big White Yeti candles and foxy gift tags


Nib Geebles beautiful art calendars


stationary and mid-century miniatures

The merriment ensued!

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