Boss Shoot

I love mail.  Though I am well aware that on any given day my mailbox is destined to be teaming with fruitless flyers, vouchers from shops whose thresholds I never plan to cross, and ominous bills for items I undoubtedly should have refrained from acquiring,  I still approach my dropbox with giddy excitement hoping for something splendid: an enticing invitation to dinner or mayhaps a missive of materials for a new mission, at minimum a misaddressed memo from a mistaken messenger.   Yesterday, I reached into my correspondence coffer and pulled out a little green padded envelope.  *Squeal*.

The emerald envelope encased a flash drive containing photos from a shoot I styled a few weeks ago for Rock and Roll Hairdresser Sally Rogerson.  The shots were taken at an awesomely dilapidated 1970′s party house up in the precipices above Beverly Hills. The whole house had the feel of residual lines of coke and the sound of distant disco.  I outfitted the models in pieces from my large collection of vintage lingerie, a red leather jacket I serendipitously scored the day before the shoot, a black velvet 80′s catsuit I’ve been dying to employ, the silk cawlneck jumpsuit I created last year, and a vintage Gideon Oberson bathing suit that my Aunt Lily constructed while serving as chief samplemaker years ago.  A nice time was had by all.  Click here to see some photos:

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