Neckclothitania. Way of Folding. 1818

Intrigue has turned to Obsession.  I will admit to you here that I am addicted to making Bow Ties.  These little silk papillions set my heart a-flutter.

Alas, silk butterflies and silkworms are generally at odds with one another, but here at the Diabolical Seamstress Society we believe that we can all just get along.  So, in the interest of peace, these bow ties are constructed from designer end-rolls: yardages of fabric that are too slight to be used in voluminous production.  In the eyes of the industry, these silk vestiges have reached retirement (translation: off to the glue factory) but in the eyes of a Stitchess with a bad case of Diabolysis, these prize silks are a means of utilizing an amazing natural fiber without adding to the demand for silkworms to make silk.  Another great perk, is that instead of finding these gorgeous threads wasting their talents peeking out of a landfill, they are showcasing their exclusive endowments as very limited edition bows tied around your neck.  Each tie is cut and stitched individually, on the bias, to ensure good form while adorning your good form.

“A real bow tie must always be tied a little off-kilter. That will prove, to even the most uneducated eye, that it is the real thing.”-Bill Wundram

Silk is Saved and Born Again.

These are not your grandfather’s bow ties… more like your great great grandfather’s.

Want one?

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