Fancy That

Well, I have been M.I.A. for a few months now, called away on a top secret mission, CODENAME: Summer Vacation.  Now, from this amicable appellation, it might seem that the operation was filled with romps in the surf, mojitos al fresco, and long evenings spent with foreign lips, but alas… my time was taken up in hot pursuit of two diminutive, yet extremely elusive and inauspicious, emissaries of extirpation.  Through my toils, I did manage however, to unearth a bonanza of vintage gems.  My treasure chest consists of fabrics, trims, cuff links, 1940′s dresses, and more.  I am currently sorting and consorting to bring this cache to you, my people.

My first order of business includes busying myself with the lost art of tying a bow.  While some people march through life asking “Why?”, I traipse through this existence asking, “Why not make bow ties?”  There are so many things to like about the Bow Tie.  Firstly, to clarify, a bow tie is a beautiful piece of silk that is wrapped around the neck and tied in a particular fashion as to create a bow which accents the collar of a shirt, not to be confused with the pre-made clip-on bow tie which, is just crap.   Now, a bow tie is an accessory for men, and lord knows, men do not have enough worthwhile accessories… saucy ladies, sporty cars and the man-purse notwithstanding.   Secondly, the bow tie is a seemingly simple piece of silk that is deceptively difficult to devise, requiring quite a bit of sewing skill and patience. And, not to be overlooked is the fact that tying a bow tie is an art that requires time and practice to perfect.  So, given that I am an apostle of accessories, a devotee of difficult stitches, and an advocate of abandoned arts, I fancy me some Bow Ties.

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