Damsel in DisDress

It is a very rare treat, in the small town of Los Angeles, to ring the phones of four hard working industry professionals with the proposition of spending a 12 hour day executing their craft purely for art’s sake, and receiving four resounding answers of “YES!”.  Even more of a rare treat, is for those four hard working professionals to actually have the same 12 hour day to donate to the cause.  I knew we were on to something profound when the logistics of the photoshoot were hammered down without the assistance of a tactical planning unit.

Upon my arrival at the Victorian Mansion which was to be the setting for the Diabolical Seamstress photoshoot, it became abundantly clear that the day would read like a Tennessee Williams play.  Our protagonist, the lovely and talented Abby Brammell, called upon her southern roots to play the part of the Distraught Damsel in Distress to perfection.  My conversations with Braden Moran, the day’s shutterbug, revolved around the power of music that speaks to the thoughts in our heads and the honesty that most of us are unwilling to express in public.  As makeup artist Malea Mitchell worked to “put on” Abby’s face, the conversation turned to child rearing and our society’s fear of death.  These were not the usual conversations overheard at a fashion photoshoot, but these were the perfect compliment to the feeling I had spent weeks concocting in my sewing sanctuary.  This feeling manifested itself as original jewelery to go along with my couture vestments.  I do believe that an ankle chain is the only possible compliment to a dress with a bustle, every fallen princess requires a headdress, and no backless evening gown is complete without the addition of a mask.  I toiled to refine my concept and then handed it over to my co-conspirators.  Together we were able to translate feeling into substance.

It is an exquisite pleasure to work in true collaboration with talented people who all seem to be on the same page of a non-existent handbook on artistic creation.  It is pure freedom to say, “this is my vision, add to it your own vision, and let it grow into something new.”  That was the day we had at the Chateau on Lake, and these are the photos to prove it.

You can see all the photos in the Gallery.

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