Cult Classic

I have a long standing love affair with the fashion of religious cults.  The more austere the garment, the greater my desire to add a dash of the good ole’ birds and bees.  As I sifted through the overly stuffed racks of dresses at the ♦♦♦♦♦♦, I came across the long full skirt of my next mission: Delilah Grace.

I began my work with the removal of Delilah’s excessively chaste hemline, which was replaced with a much flirtier fringe of sublime silk.  Next to go were her unflattering sleeves, which were succeeded by a stunningly fresh frill topped with more silk.  In order to complete her transformation from classically cult to cultishly captivating I added trims, and trims, and more trims.  Because nothing screams liberty like excess embellishments.

Delilah is now the perfect combination of sweet and sexy.  If you would like to make her your own, pursue her here.

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