Ruby Sparkle

Agent ‘Ruby Sparkle’ came skipping down the yellow brick road like a vintage sprite tempting me to follow her to the land of Oz.  I could tell by her exquisite grooming and personal upkeep that she was an integral agent for the ♦♦♦ society, but there was longing in her eyes.  She was looking for a new life, one with a shorter hemline and longer evenings.   I knew that in my private arsenal of trimmings and trappings I alone had the tools to give her the life she so desperately desired.

Back at headquarters I rummaged fervently through my armory of this-and-that, and found a perfect ‘this’ and an impeccable ‘that’ and began the transformation.

Ruby Sparkle left headquarters a few days later with an abbreviated hemline, replete with rows of grossgrain ribbon, and a dazzling new belt to compliment her scintillating silhouette.

You can pick her up here, and skip with her to the Land of Oz.

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